Questions and Answers

What is Single Payer?

Is Medicare single payer?

What is the relationship between single-payer and “Medicare-for-All?” Between CalCare and Medicare-for-All Nationally?

Is Unified Financing Single Payer?

What is CalCare/AB 2200?

Won’t Single-payer mean longer waiting times to for getting appointments and medical procedures?

What Will Happen to My Current Healthcare Plan?

What is SB 770?

How will we pay for CalCare? Will our taxes go up?

I’m wealthy and self-insured. Will this affect me?

How will CalCare affect small businesses?

How will CalCare affect gig workers?

What would CalCare mean for senior on traditional Medicare? Seniors on Medicare Advantage?

What if I’m already on MediCal?

What will happen to my Covered California insurance?

Compared to CalCare, how does MediCal work? How does Obamacare/ACA work compared to CalCare?

What about my construction worker or other union member health plan?

What about the health plan I receive as a firefighter?

I’m in a Chinese HMO. How would CalCare affect that?

Will CalCare be beneficial to AIDS patients?

How will CalCare help in dealing with COVID-19 and future pandemics?

Will CalCare be of any benefit to members of the LGBTQIA+ communities?

Low Medicaid and Medicare payouts to service providers seem to disincentivize them from providing care to patients receiving such public funds.  How would this be different, if at all, under CalCare?

Q: I currently am covered by a Medicare Advantage plan. How would CalCare affect me?

Q: I am currently and employee of a health insurance company. What will happen to my job if CalCare is passed?

Cathy Fairbanks, RN, shares the principles that will guide the crafting of Single-Payer legislation both in CA and nationally.
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VIDEO REPLAY of the Teach-in with Kip Sullivan JD: Single-Payer Financing versus SB 770
The “Skinny” on Health Disparities among Asian Americans: Biological, Behavioral, and Social Determinants – SPEAKER: Maria Rosario Araneta, Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, University of California San Diego

What questions do you have about CalCare or Medicare for All, or about Asian and Pacific Islander Americans’ healthcare? API for CalCare will try to find answers.