About Us


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API for CalCare is a non-partisan organization of volunteers who support the movement to pass CalCare, the Medicare for All bill for California.

API for CalCare studies and shares material about healthcare issues that affect working class Asian and Pacific Islanders in California (aka AAPI or AANHPI).

We advocate to add API-relevant policy into CalCare, such as bilingual-bicultural support for patients and to address the glaring healthcare disparities our diverse communities face.


API for CalCare was initiated by grassroots activists from various API communities in CA who have been fighting for healthcare equality for many years and decades.

Our Mission

API for CalCare advocates for comprehensive, high-quality, patient-centered universal health care through single-payer public financing. Our goal is to guarantee health care as a human right for ALL California residents, advancing the larger fight for health care justice and energizing the implementation of national Single Payer/Medicare for All.

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CalCare Town Hall August 2, 2023, Los Angeles