CoC Study Material

We have goals to make this organization safe for all people, including trans people, LGBT+ people, women, and people of color. To this end, this is a study list to improve understanding.

A Guide To Gender Identity Terms

Pew Research, Americans’ Complex Views on Gender Identity and Transgender Issues

Colenutt, Meriel. “One is not born, but becomes a woman”

Notes for Judith Butler’s “Gender Trouble”

What Is Gender Theory? Berkeley Professor Judith Butler Explains

On the Woman Question – A Critical Approach to Marx and Feminism (this is a gender critical anti-trans site)

Zanghellini, Aleardo. Philosophical Problems With the Gender-Critical Feminist Argument Against Trans Inclusion

Wikipedia, Socialism and LGBT Rights

Bohrer, Ashley J. Intersectionality and Marxism

Tang, Mavis and Julie Kim. The Need To Radically Reimagine Our Identities Outside of the Gender Binary

Wikipedia, The Dark TriadMachiavellianism, sub-clinical narcissism, and sub-clinical psychopathy.

Mayo Clinic, Personality Disorders

Psychology Today, Criminal Psychology