CalCare AB2200 Reading Group

This group will be reading the text of AB2200. Join us for peer-supported study and education. (You don’t need to be Asian or Pacific Islander to participate.)


Sundays at 3pm. Sign up with the form above to be put on the list, making sure to accept emails, to get a link to the Signal chat and Jitsi meeting.

March 31Summary and Section 1Meeting 1 Notes
April 7Section 2, presented by John DMeeting 2 Notes
April 14No meeting before tax day.
April 21Section 2 con., by John K, Meeting at 5PMMeeting 3 Notes
April 28Section 2 con. Chap 6. by John D, backup RG, Meeting at 3PMMeeting 4 Notes
May 5Section 2 con. Chap 7. by Taiji. Meeting at 2PM.Meeting 5 Notes
May 12Section 2 con. Chap 8-10. by John K, John DV, RG. Meeting at 3PM.Meeting 6 Notes

No meeting on the day before tax day. See below for meeting structure info.

Documents and Downloads

Bill Text at Legiscan.

Fact Sheet

Bill text, and information about the progress of the bill.

Meeting Structure

The structure will be intros, then a session of answers to previous questions (first meeting has some prepared ones), asking for a note taker, then, a presentation by one of the group on one section of the law.

The presenter was selected at the prior meeting.

At the end, we choose the next presenter, and do announcements of required actions to take, like writing a note to your representative.

Total time should be between 1 hour and 90 minutes.

The Jitsi meeting room link will be sent by email and in the Signal chat. Join the list using the form above. To get on the Signal chat, contact

There’s a second channel, a Signal Chat, names AB2200 Reading Group. Contact We will also email a temporary link out occasionally.

Other Group Resources

John’s phone, for Signal issues: 626-710-8365

At the April 15 general meeting of HC4US, they will have an overview of the bill.