AB 2200 Advances-Asm-Health

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Assembly Bill 2200, only the second incarnation of a true CA single-payer reform bill, cleared its first of seven legislative hurdles with a 9-4-2 vote in the Assembly Committee on Health on Tuesday, April 2024. The bill moves to Assembly Appropriations, with a simple majority vote to be taken by May 17, 2023 determining whether or not the bill will be presented for an Assembly floor vote.


Opponents of this “CalCare” bill continue to use the same scare tactics about “costs and hugher taxes,” but refuse to cite a single one of 22 non-partisan studies that conclude that a single-payer healthcare system would save billions over time. 19 studies have determined that savings would begin in the first year of implementation.


Videos from April 23 Hearing

CalCare AB 2200 will deliver superior care (including dental/vision/hearing/gender-affirming and long-term care) at lower cost to the consumer. Premiums, deductibles and co-pays will be eliminated. AB 2200 will save businesses money and reinvigorate the CA economy as a jobs creator. Public funding for healthcare that is currently stolen by private insurance and pharmaceutical companies for private profit will be returned to the pubic sphere.

Under AB2200, patients will receive better care as doctors will regain control over health services decisions. Reductions in nurses-to-patient ratios and other practices that private operators engage in to maximize profits that endanger patients will become a thing of the past. In this scenario, similar to that of most advanced societies in the world (17 countries have single-payer systems operating at lower cost with superior health outcomes), administrative waste will be eliminated along with middlemen wealth extraction and pharmaceutical price-gouging. Public funds will be re-invested into patient care and the addressing of healthcare disparities in under-served communities and rural areas.