Call to action graphic to call members of the Assembly Committee on Appropriations to ask members to vote YES on AB2200. Phone numbers to Appropriations members

Why, and How, to Contact the Assembly Appropriations Committee

We are asking people to contact the Assembly to support AB2200.

This document explains the following:

What is the Assembly?

The Assembly is one half of the California Legislature, the government body that makes the state laws. (The other half is the Senate.)

Assembly Districts

The state is divided into 80 Assembly Districts (AD).

Each voter lives in a district, and has an Assembly Member who represents them. The membership changes all the time, so this page may be out of date.

Legislative Process

The Assembly introduces bills. A bill goes through a legislative process, before being voted upon.

The second step in the process are to have it “go through committees”, where small groups of Assembly Members examine the bill.

We are asking you to help show support for the bill, so it gets through the committees.

If it fails to get through all the committees, the bill fails. They say “it died in committee.”

If it makes it through, the last step is a floor vote is when the entire Assembly votes on a bill.

What is the Appropriations Committee?

The Appropriations Committee looks at the bill and how it relates to taxes.

Who is in the Appropriations Comm?

The members of the committee are:

  • District 14 (Contra Costa, Solano)
    Buffy Wicks: 916-319-2014
  • District 28 (Santa Clara)
    Gail Pellerin: 916-319-2028
  • District 37 (Santa Barbara, Ventura)
    Gregg Hart: 916-319-2037
  • District 56 (Blythe, Calexico, Coachella)
    Lisa Calderon: 916-319-2056
  • District 49 (El Monte, Montebello, South El Monte)
    Mike Fong: 916-319-2049
  • District 15 (Alameda, Contra Costa)
    Timothy Grayson: 916-319-2015
  • District 13 (San Joaquin)
    Carlos Villapudua: 916-319-2013

We want you to call ALL the members of the committee!

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What should I tell them?

Here’s a simple script:

Hello, my name is ______ and I want you to SUPPORT AB2200, the healthcare act. I want healthcare for all.

Keep it short and sweet! Be polite and kind.