Anti-Genocide, Palestine Information

Recently, with the threat of a TikTok ban, and increased difficulty in searching to find information about the genocide in Palestine, a couple API for CalCare volunteers decided that we need to overcome this developing “information blockade”.

The list of things is below. This page is intended for use in a web browser on a laptop or desktop. Justification for publishing on this site, is at the bottom.





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Ideological Justification

Health is Liberation

“Health is wealth”, many middle aged and old people say. It’s true, health and comfort are the greatest treasures of life.

Yet, daily, we see people’s health compromised, when people are forced to live on the street, enticed to consume intoxicants or gorge on rich foods – or made to starve and consume rotting food, made to work in unsafe conditions, and forced to pay high prices for healthcare.

This, we see in California, one of the wealthiest places in the world!

All these injustices, we see layered upon each other, in Gaza, an economically hyper-oppressed place, an “open air prison”. It’s a man-made famine, man-made homelessness, man-made injuries, and ๐Ÿ”ˆa bombing campaign of healthcare facilities to murder healthcare workers.

Accommodation is Equity and Liberation

When disabled persons are “accommodated” and supported, we show care, and progress toward a society where we understand, “none of us are free, until all of us are free.”

Daily, we see the residents of Gaza maimed. Daily, ๐Ÿ”ˆnew disabled people are created: PTSD, hearing loss, lost limbs, brain damage, malnutrition, burnt skin and shock.

Care not Warfare

When money is allocated for war, it grows the war economy, creating a war society. It’s a death culture.

When money is allocated for care, it grows the caring economy, creating a society of peace and life.

Technical Issues

The Information Blockade

The United States government and oligarchy has decided that the information coming out of Gaza, the high def videos, the photos, the news reports, are a threat to it’s continued support of Israel’s genocidal siege of Gaza.

This has ranged from outright bans, to the more subtle censorship of “shadow banning” individuals sharing Palestine-related content, to making it harder to find information about the situation in Palestine.

So, to this end, we need to refresh our information seeking methods, and build information resources outside of the big “Social Media” companies.

Gaza has been under an economic blockade for nearly two decades, and this has undermined their society.

Retro Techne

If we face reduced agency via Social Media, we can fall back on older technologies, and then rebuild our media from there.

Link directories – Remember Yahoo? News sources, educational material, opinions, can be gathered into organized pages. Content pages should link to pages like this. You can also use LinkTree. You can use WordPress.

RSS feeds – these are shared listings of a site’s new posts. They can be aggregated into news feeds. This website, and many others that run blogging software, like WordPress, support RSS feeds. Podcasts are based on RSS feeds.

Wikis – Wikis and other page authoring software predate even the blogs. They allow you to create hypertext, interlinked pages.

Bittorrent – a system to enable less expensive sharing of large files or large archives of files. Your ISP may not allow it, though. More on this later.